Ybody Colorini Temporary Tattoo Ink - Orange Red Transparent

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Temporary body ink can be used in collaboration with glitter tattoo stencils or freehand

Do you want the best temporary tattoo ink available? Are you looking for a way to get your clients excited about booking you for their next party? Are you thinking about getting a tattoo, but want to try it out before you commit? Colorini Body Ink is the perfect medium for elevating your artistic inspirations to true masterpieces. Colorini Body Ink is a fantastic airbrush-style tattoo ink (but without the compressor) sold exclusively by YBody Glitter Tattoos, offering the closest finish to a real tattoo.

Colorini is alcohol based and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Each Colorini bottle can produce anywhere between 100-140 tattoos!
Colorini has many great qualities that will allow artists a great range of painting effects. Some of the colors are opaque and others are transparent, they blend perfectly even after one of the shades may be dry. Try to experiment with rubbing alcohol like you would with watercolors. Also, you can create very elegant and professional looking glitter tattoos using Colorini.

Colorini Inks are great for free hand tattoos and also great for festivals, and nightclubs

*Shake well before use*