Mehron Extra Flesh Putty Wax With Fixative A

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A pliable combination of traditional putty and modeling wax which, after sculpting, will keep its molded shape. Great for special effects. Available in a variety of sizes.

Mehron Extra Flesh Special Effects Wax is easy to use; just rip off a chunk, dab it on and blend it out. This duo set includes the Extra Flesh itself and a safe non-toxic adhesive: Fixative A used by Special Effect Makeup Artists throughout the entertainment world.

Extra Flesh is a synthetic makeup product that can be reused and is easy to apply and remove. This package of Extra Flesh with Fixative A is especially packaged for smaller Special Effects Makeup applications. Extra Flesh and Fixative A are exclusive formulations made by the Theatrical Makeup Experts at Mehron, Premier Performance Makeup Manufacturers.