Diamond FX Brush Soap

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Diamond FX Brush Soap - 100g

Specially formulated soap to clean all your facepaint brushes, has a nice clean aroma of limes, comes in a alliminum tin to keep it fresh.  
How to use:

  • Dip your brush into the brush soap.

  • Rub the brush soap into the bristles. Rub the bristles in a circular, scrubbing motion in the palm of your free hand. ( Very delicate)

  • Once you have worked the brush soap thoroughly through the bristles, rinse the soap from the brush under warm, running water. It may take more than one application of soap if there is a lot of paint in the brush.

  • Remove excess water with a towel and allow the brushes to dry before using them again.

  • We advise letting them dry on a clean towel.