Devil Pack of 4 Unpainted Silicone Prosthetic Horns, Cross and 666

Butterfly Effex Face Paint Shop


This listing is for a pack of 4 hand sculpted and cast unpainted silicone prosthetics, to include 2 horns plus a cross and a carved 666. The perfect pack.

Silicone is the ideal material for prosthetic appliances. It is light, incredibly flexible and is translucent. This adds realism to the finished product. The edges of encapsulated silicone can be blended out easily with acetone. They also have some of the best edges available, as they can be incredibly thin. An allergy to these is less likely than a latex prosthetic.

They are perfect for special effects to achieve the detail in a character look, for halloween and cosplay.

The piece comes with full instructions

I use Pros-Aide for my applications but there are many other suitable adhesives on the market. The edges are blended away with acetone. It can be painted using regular makeup, body paint or alcohol activated paint.