Ben Nye Mini FX Creme Wheel - Bruise & Abrasions

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Ben Nye® F/X Creme Colors Wheels produce a life-like “in the skin” effect for black eyes, bruises, abrasions, burns and general character detailing. FX Colors are acutely designed, boldly pigmented and micro blended in a silky, buildable formula.

For incredibly realistic skin effects, there is no better product than the Ben Nye FX Creme Colours. World renowned by special FX makeup artists for their incredible quality.

Can we applied directly to skin without any other product for intense colour. Can also be mixed with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for a washed out, less intense effect. We also recommend setting the finished product with a colourless powder, and for dramatically increased durably & longevity, lightly spray with Ben Nye Final Seal.

Each wheel contains 4 complimentary colours specifically chosen to match the effect you wish to create. You can create lifelike effects that are possible for amateur and professional use. In a convenient & compact colour wheel each for a specific purpose. Or available as single shades; single colours can be screwed together to form a stack.