Ben Nye Fresh Scab - Professional Fake Blood 6.7 oz.

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Ben Nye Fresh Scab is an essential product in every professional make-up artists kit. Its has an authentic brownish-blood tint which is ideal for older, dried blood clotting effects. Blood doesn't completely set, but the outer layer scabs over.

You can create raised blood effects that provide realism to simulated injuries through its gel consistency. The deep red-brown colour replicates dense oxidised blood, most often seen in aged wounds and dried bloods. This blood formula remains flexible while maintaining the ability to stay in place allowing for long lasting performance. The grotesque nature of this product makes it an essential for any Halloween enthusiast, SFX, trauma simulation, or film & television makeup artist.

To apply; a stainless steel spatula is an ideal tool for removing it from the container and for application. Create raised blood texture by using a stipple sponge to blot specks of blood onto the skin. To age a prosthetic wound, fill the depths of the simulated injury with Fresh Scab to provide an oxidised effect. You can create a scabbed split in the bridge of the nose or in an eyebrow with a precise application of Fresh Scab with a small flat brush.

Washable, but may stain some fabrics: so we recommend a spot test before use.

6.7 oz.